Surviving a traveling Dad!

I learned to juggle when I was younger but never got an edge in it until now. Now i know, i can juggle really well ! Few questions for all the mommies out there, do you have times when your husband is out of town and you’re alone with the kid? Do you get overwhelmedContinue reading “Surviving a traveling Dad!”

Getting Ready with the Hospital Bag for the D-Day

Now when you are nearing your 10th month or have almost completed your 35th week, it is the time to think about the D-Day. This is the time, when you need to do the final check about planning your delivery – the choice of hospital, how to reach hospital, emergency contact numbers, and so many other things. OneContinue reading “Getting Ready with the Hospital Bag for the D-Day”

What to expect when you are expecting?

For us and I guess for every couple, expecting first child is undoubtedly the happiest thing. But generally, they remain perplexed on how to react and how to show their emotions. The truth is, in the beginning I hardly felt any change. Apart from restrictions from eating few things there was hardly any change. IContinue reading “What to expect when you are expecting?”

Mommy to-be or not-to-be

“It is like pumping blood to the little heart inside you. It is like passing air to the little lungs. It is like loving the unknown with all your heart and soul. This is what being mommy is.” In country like India and family like mine (upper middle class) parents tend to take all tensionContinue reading “Mommy to-be or not-to-be”