What to expect when you are expecting?

For us and I guess for every couple, expecting first child is undoubtedly the happiest thing. But generally, they remain perplexed on how to react and how to show their emotions. The truth is, in the beginning I hardly felt any change. Apart from restrictions from eating few things there was hardly any change. I have always heard of so many pregnancy tantrums, mood swings, taste change, vomiting and don’t know what, but in my case, nothing happened. It was frustrating at times because I waited for the pampering after mood swings and prega-tantrums but nothing like that happened. I guess that depends completely on individual. So, all you expecting mommies, do not feel bad if you don’t get any such mood swing and prega-tantrums (as you must have heard of) or my suggestion is even if you don’t get any such feeling, just pretend to be in the mood-swing zone. Moreover, who don’t love to get pampered during pregnancy!!!

Well, getting to the exact situation then, I was literally waiting for the change in my body but it took me as long as six and half months for the baby tummy to show. Until then everything was as it used to be (managing kitchen, family, going to office, field reporting, live news telecast and everything). Only the near and dear ones knew that I was on my family way.

But, it is said “Intezar ka phal hamesha meetha hota hai” … Similarly, the long wait was undoubtedly the best wait for me. The moment i got the baby tummy showing and the moment I felt that slight kick, I was the happiest person on earth. I remember, me and my better half waited for hours with our hands on my tummy to feel our little bundle of joy. It may sound silly but the would-be dad uses to put his ears on my tummy to listen to baby. I guess he was waiting for the baby to say ‘Love you Papa’!!! Those days were wonderful. Twinkle-Twinkle little star was my babies favourite rhyme and baby kicked every time he listened the rhyme.

The Chinese calendar

If you walk with your left foot first you will have baby girl!! If you like eating Sweets during pregnancy you will have baby boy!! There are numerous myths that you will listen when carrying a baby. These predictions are age long. And undoubtedly elders have experience and expertise in predicting your baby gender!! Though I scarcely believe in all these prediction and myths but at times even i was persuadedaawith the prediction. One such instance was when I was suggested to check the gender of my baby in Chinese calendar. Yes I was all excited to predict if I will have a beautiful daughter or a handsome son. I searched it on google. Filled all those parameters and dates. Me and my husband were waiting patiently, when the result came and it was a baby girl…We were happy and more excited now. I called my mom and ran to my mom-in-law and told them the result. And to melt my excitement, both the mommies had another prediction and they said ‘ye to galat hai’. Now we were in dilemma whom to believe. The much talked about Chinese calendar or the words of experience. We finally decided to forget about it and enjoy the phase. Though on 8thof July, mommies experienced prediction won over Chinese calendar.

First visit to doctor

Your doctor will become your best friend during those days (though this was not so in my case). As she will be the one who will know you inside-out. First visit to doctor, is a huge excitement initially but it won’t give you much to feel excited about. My first interaction with doctor resulted in zero excitement. I was one of the fifty would-be mommies she(doctor) was meeting that day and she saw my report and told me to eat Iron calcium and not to exert much during first three months. My first visit to doctor lasted for 5mins. That’s it!!

The First Dub-Dub sound

I still remember my third visit to doctor, when we heard our baby. Yes! You read it right. We heard baby’s heart beat for the first time. Baby’s heart starts to beat at around 6th week and the dub-dub sound of hear will give you goose-bumps, believe me. Doctor made us hear that wonderful sound in her clinic and we were out of the world. I remember me and my husband did not have a word after that till we reached home. Both of kept mum throughout the way back home. As we wanted to preserve that sound in our ears and heart for as long as possible. “The best music I ever heard was the heartbeat of my baby”

The First look

People generally ask, how can you love someone without seeing them even once. But ask any parents, they are the one who love their kid from the inception, from the time baby is just a cluster of few cells. And gradually there comes a day when you look at your baby for the first time. When you witness the life growing inside you. I remember I had tears in my eyes when I saw the little heart beating inside me. The image that has captured my mind forever. First USG is generally done in 11-12th week. Though you won’t be able to see a clear image but that little cluster of cells with beating heart will give your life a new meaning.

You are not a patient!

Many women believe they need to remain in complete rest and not do anything during pregnancy but this is generally not the case, unless there is any complication. In my pregnancy, i remained busy throughout the 9 months. I do not remember a single day of rest. I remember I cooked yummiest chicken curry a night before my baby was born! Yes, at times I felt lethargic, weak and felt like spending the whole day on my bed but never did so. And I guess if you remain busy throughout 9 months, you will have a happy mind, away from all the negativity which might have cropped otherwise.

My generous words

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life, enjoy it. Do what you love to do. Ignore all the negativity around. If u feel you are healthy and fine, you actually are. So, listen to your heart. Cherish the changes in your body. Feel the Dub-Dub sound. Capture the first sight. Time will fly with a blink so love every bit of those 9 months.

Also, do not google everything. During my days, we use to google everything. That resulted in nothing but confusion. For instance, we found videos on YouTube that showed baby foot and palm impression clearly visible on tummy wall. We waited for that moment eagerly but never got to see those impressions. Also, none of my known have visualized any such impression.

So, enjoy your moment. Cherish every day. Enjoy those lovely kicks as you will miss those kicks once baby is in your arm.

And do not forget to go on Babymoon (as I went to Darjeeling, queen of hills)

Stay tuned for more of mommy-baby experience and a lot more.

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  1. Best part of the pregnancy for me is baby kick… We enjoyed it a lot.. And you have expressed that beautifully…

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