‘This too shall pass’

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‘Corona will soon go away, lets play with all the toys we have, till the monster is outside’ my 2.5 years old convince me every other day in this lock down. Though pretty small, but he very well understands the situation and tries to calm down all of us in the family. He knows he cant go out to play, he can not meet his buddies, everybody we call, he ask, ‘Is there corona at your place too, are you also hiding’. But my little one is pretty sure that corona will go away soon. And i am learning to be positive from the younger soul.

COVID-19, a terror now. The first of its kind scenario, at least in my generation. The calamity has brought together the entire world. The entire world have been asked to stay home and basically refrain from living a day to day life. The outbreak has put a brake in our lives. We can’t go to the malls, restaurants, movie theaters, events, and parties. We can’t hang out with our friends. But, it’s more for our good than bad. Lets look at it positively.
Yes, it’s real and alarming that the world economy is likely going to crumble. Therefore, we need to do our best to control the virus from spreading so rapidly. The more responsibility we take as individuals, the easier it would be for governments to curb this pandemic.

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I’m not fearful. And, I want to encourage you to be cautious, responsible and courageous.
While COVID-19 is so contagious and it’s inevitable unless we totally stay isolated, it’s a passing terror.But, the good part is it’s not going to last forever. So, let’s smile about it.

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Lets stay at home and learn the lesson that coronavirus has brought with it.

I am not trying to teach lesson to anybody, i am just trying to share what i am learning with every passing day of this lockdown.

1. We/the World need to be humble- The world is full of self-centered people and this i mean for myself too. It’s your chance to slow down, reflect, and understand a lot of things going around you. It’s your chance to have a chat with yourself. Be good to yourself and people around you.

2.Overcome the fear of tomorrow- I believe after we have survived this pandemic, most of us will understand that we don’t have any control over our lives, no matter what we do or achieve. The wisest thing to do is to invest in each day of your life – in yourself, in your relationships, work, dreams and projects. The more you live with a purpose, the less fearful you are.

3. Get closer to your family- It’s your chance to build relationships. Have conversations with your parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, and of course spouses. Understand that we need each other. Marriages are precious. I think after my marriage four years back, this is the first time we are spending so much of time together. Call your parents if they stay far, talk to them for hours, you have plenty of time.

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4. Call up friends- A lot of people must be advising you to watch movies on Netflix, but I would suggest don’t be too glued to technology. Social distancing doesn’t mean you should lose connection with people. Call up friends who are away. After years of hectic life finally, got time to have heart out conversation with two of my childhood buddies.

5. Let the world be the way it is- do not complicate things and do not mess with world, environmentally, socially or morally. We will have to understand that our coming generation will have to deal with the repercussions after a decade or two from now.

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6. Be optimistic- All of us live stressful lives. We think negative. Our time just slips away. We have no control over our days. But, do we realize what we really need to do? We need to slow down a little bit, make our lives simpler, and shrug off the unnecessary pressure that weighs us down.

7. Don’t waste resources- Let’s be conscious about our resources – food, water, electricity, and all sorts of daily essentials. Let’s use what we need and conserve what we don’t. You don’t have to be casual about what you have because you have it.

At last, make the most of this lockdown. You cannot control your life. The only thing you can control is what you think and how you act. The governments will change, the economies will fluctuate, the calamities/pandemic will come, but you are constant. Things will get back on track, we will again be back to our schedule, office, kids, movies, shopping, restaurants and so on, but lets take this lockdown as a boon.

*We always had a regret that we can not get the life of 90’s back. So here it is, enjoy Ramayan, Mahabharat with family. Play ludo, chess, antakshari and have some cherishable memories.*

Stay home stay safe!

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