From journalist to stay-at-home mommy


My story of getting transformed into a full time mommy from being a full time journalist.

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Are you working? No, I am just a stay-at-home mom.

As if a mommy doesn’t work. As if being a mommy is shameful and you need to sound apologetic. So sorry, that I chose to stay at home and take care of my baby and family. I’m always amazed when women say “I’m just a stay-at-home mom”. What on earth made you say ‘just’? You are not ‘just’ a mommy, mind it. You are a 24×7 home maker, baby sitter, caregiver, chef, cleaner, teacher and everything on earth you can ever imagine.

Well my story goes like this, In 2017, I was still working. As in, I was running like a steroid-fuelled athlete, running with mic in one hand and camera in another, fighting for BREAKING NEWS, fuming behind politicians for interview, inhaling limelight and trying to convince a huge audience that my channel is the best and most authentic and I got paid for it (I was a journalist!). I am still working, fretting, fuming — but I don’t get paid for it. Yes! I am a stay-at-home mom.

Being a stay at home mom is not easy. No one said it ever was. But I, for one, was not prepared for this. I was a hard-core political journalist which I loved when I took the decision to have a baby. It was quite a spontaneous decision as I felt my biological clock was ticking and it made sense to have a kid sooner rather than later.

I worked till I was just three days away from my delivery. I wanted to utilize my 6 months maternity leave entirely post the baby. I had also saved few days of leave, which I knew my company would (as it generally does) allow me to take once I had exhausted my maternity leave. So with more than 6months in my kitty I was quite contented. It was post the baby that I felt I would not be able to leave the baby and go back to work. My Mom-in-law, my mommy gave me full support to return to work but I did the obvious for any first-time mommy. I QUIT. One fine morning I went office and mailed my resignation letter. I was happy I did it!

My baby is a toddler now, 19 months old. It has been a wonderful journey! A happy journey! To be honest though, I have doubted my decisions on numerous occasions. As I said it’s not easy. When you are a stay-at-home mom, what you do throughout the day is the biggest secret unknown to mankind. Nobody knows because they are not at home when you’re working without any break. Nobody cares to know because they are convinced that you are having much more fun than they are. It’s all your fault that you prefer to fill your day with needless errands and chores, when you can simply sit back and read a book.

Being a stay-at-home mom is not easy as you hardly get to meet people of your age and if you do, they are most often fellow moms. When you meet people your age, you now really don’t know what to talk about! All you talk is baby talk, realizing too late maybe that you are boring the rest.

The most important and most pessimist thing of leaving your job and becoming stay-at-home mom is, your colleagues are getting ahead in their careers whilst yours is going nowhere! And to top it off they are calling up to let you know!

So, yes there are days when I have mood swings! There are days when I doubt my decision! There are days I dream of getting back to work! There are days I count when I can get back to work! But those are just a few days.

What has made it easier of course is that I CHOSE to stay at home! A lot of my friends and family feel it is amazing that I decided to quit when my going was good to look after my kid. My answer to them has always been that I did it because I wanted to.

So, am I working? Hell yeah! I work for myself and my family. I may not always be happy with my appraisal reports and the bonus I get but I refuse to let my sense of self-worth be measured in terms of how much I don’t earn. I am a proud stay-at-home mommy.

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  1. Yes, it is right that people sometime think that the moms at home are having fun. But this hypothetical perception goes away once they have to live a moms life for few hours. Everything apart, you are having a job at hand of shaping the future of your kid, which itself is the most beautiful and satisfactory. I dont know many people who goes to office and earn a handsome salary, who can say without a doubt that they are at least happy with what they are doing, satisfaction is a distant dream. I have always admired every mom, because i know it is not “Just” a mom, they are delivering expectations of others by sacrificing their’s.

  2. A flare in heart is your blog. Nicely n honestly served ..I m proud to witness yr journey to stay home Mom. Amazing change of ones role in journey of life. You did the best suited. Feeling proud . Finally even the darkest clouds has a Silver linig. ….Will love to hear more.

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